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Form2List web site content management

Once your web site is up and running the hard work begins. You have to keep it up to date with fresh content in order to keep visitors coming

Equally important is making sure that there is no out of date information on the site. It doesn't look very professional when your home page still shows details of a special offer that ended two years ago!

One of the best ways to keep high in search engine rankings is to keep changing the pages on your site.

Many companies commission a web site from a web design company and as they have no specialist in-house knowledge of web site design, rely on that company to update the site at regular intervals. Not only can this be costly but, as (hopefully!) the company will have lots of other clients, may also take some time for changes to happen

Form2List aims to solve this problem by providing an easy to use interface for adding and editing content. Text, pictures and files can be uploaded to the site and each piece of information is categorised so that it appears in the right place on the site.

Form2List features

There is no need to have a site built from scratch in order to use form2list. We can transfer any existing site to use this system. alternatively you can keep your existing site as it is and just use one or two of the features from form2list. (for example enquiry forms)

For more information visit the form2list web site. (Naturally the site is built using form2list!)

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