Use email to promote your products or services

A typical email newsletter
Keep in touch with existing customers or send information to prospects using email newsletters

Do you keep in contact with existing customers as much as you'd like to?

Your existing customers are your most valuable asset so it is important to regularly send them news, company updates, special offers, or just keep in touch on a monthly or weekly basis.

Do you want to send out regular mailshots to prospects?

You can use your email program to send out the odd email but once your list starts to grow it is difficult to manage these. Using an online system as part of your web site means that the lists almost 'manage themselves'.

If you have sent out information to customers or prospects by email do you know how many of them read it?

You can add links to your emails using the WYSIWYG editor that can be used to track who has read what and you can get statistics on the number of emails read.

Regular correspondence will mean that your clients will start to recognise these emails and identify with your company. This will ultimately create awareness and loyalty for your business.

Our typical newsletter package includes the following:

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