Cute FTP
Cute FTP upload and download script
We recently built a site for an online shop that required integration with an EPOS system. We programmed Cute FTP to transfer the files between systems.

A modern web application has three distinct parts to it - the site design and layout, a database and some scripting language to provide the functionality.

ASP (Active Server Pages) or VB Script as the actual language is known or PHP are the main technologies used for creating database driven sites.

Javascript used to be used for checking form submissions or for fancy effects and although it still is, it is becoming more important as the language used for AJAX functionality. AJAX allows data to be sent backwards and forwards to the server without reloading the page each time making for increased responsiveness.

The other products in the Microsoft Office suite use the same programming language as Access (Visual Basic for Applications). This means we often get asked to help out with development - especially Word and Excel.

We are happy to look at taking on a whole project such as a web application or just adding a feature to an existing application or web site.

Programming Services

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