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Database for a waste management company
Originally written using Microsoft Access we recently converted the database to SQL Server whilst maintaining the 'front end'. more projects

Once your business starts to grow you may begin to see the limitations of Microsoft Access. If you have lots of users and hundreds of thousands of records, Access will start to become sluggish and you may notice the database frequently gets corrupted.

The reason for the corruption is because Microsoft Access is not a true client-server database. Every time you want to retrieve some data it sends over the whole table of records even if you only want one. If you modify this data the whole table will have to be written back to the server. If many users are using the database at the time the network may struggle with the traffic and if the saving of your data is interrupted even for a fraction of a second the database will become corrupted.

At this point it is time to consider a true client-server database such as SQL Server. The full version is extremely costly but essential for a large company. If however you are a small to medium sized business you should look at the Express version of SQL Server which is free but still has many of the features of the full version.

The chances are that you will still be able to use all your Microsoft Access forms and reports from your existing application.

We are happy to take on a project from scratch or to convert an existing Microsoft Application to use SQL Server.

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