Remote database support

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Simply download a small program and run it so that we can take over your machine. All files are removed at the end of the session.

If you can connect to the Internet then we can take control of your PC and fix any problems remotely.

Not only does this mean it is cheaper for you as there are no call out charges but problems will be fixed more quickly as we don't have to arrange to come out to your office.

Remote support costs only �25.00 per hour.

How it works

Each time you request a suppport session, you download a small program from our web site. Once it is downloaded you double click to run the program. You then select the support representative you will have been assigned and at this stage we will see a message on our PC that you are requesting support. Once we have confirmed the request we will see your desktop and will be able to go in and sort the problem out.

We can use a chat box at the same time so that we can keep you informed of what we are doing. Once the session is ended, the file you downloaded is removed from your computer

If you purchase blocks of support in advance then we will charge you by the minute. However, if you purchase at the time we will charge the time in half hour blocks

Use the contact details below to find out more

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Contact Andrew Parrott for an informal discussion on 01647 433276 or fill in an enquiry form