Recent database projects

Rebarn IT Consultants

This database was written using Microsoft Access for a client of Rebarn IT. The clients company organises dance holidays. Bookings are taken and then receipts and invoices are sent out at the appropriate time. Reminders indicate when invoices should be sent and where customers are owing money. The application includes a powerful customer search facility with the ability to export, mail merge or print labels from results. Payment details are also exported to Sage. The system will soon be extended to automatically record bookings sent by email from the web site.

Viridor Waste Management

This purchase order application was originally written in Microsoft Access and although the user interface is still Access we recently converted the database to Microsoft SQL Server to improve performance. Features of the system include recording of purchase orders and invoices and a powerful reporting system.

Plymouth City Council

Originally written using Microsoft Access this database had massively outgrown its intended purpose. At the time we took on this project the database was being used in five offices all over the city and was tracking all visits by social services carers and calculating their monthly pay as well as invoicing clients. The database was corrupting on average eight times per day losing about two hours of downtime whilst repairs were made. Following conversion to SQL Server we are happy to say that the system has not crashed since.

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

The Trust wanted to send out data to their GP fundholders on a regular basis. This data was a summary of all costs associated with hospital admissions for the GP practice with comparisons to the Trust averages. Each fundholder would get three spreadsheets with an average of 10 tables of data on each. With over forty fundholders the trust was looking at a way of automating this. We came up with an Access application to automatically create the spreadsheets, export the correct data to each table in each sheet, zip the three spreadsheets and email them to the practices.

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